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The Church, New Testament Assembly Worldwide Ministries is committed to Biblical message for Christians and what we must believe and practice to stay in shape spiritually.  We live in a period of history when people care little about what they believe.  A false sign will lead to false conclusion.  Like Saint Luke, we feel led of the Holy Spirit “to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us.”  That through its influence souls may be delivered from the power of darkness and become “partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.”  Examining what we stand for in the light of God’s word, and by the enlightenment of His Spirit, we may see the devices of the wicked one, and the danger that must be avoided if we would be accounted faultless by the Lord at His coming.  “That the generation to come might know them even the children which should be born; That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandment”.

– Pastor Samson A. Bamigbayan  General Overseer


The doctrinal basis of the NEW TESTAMENT ASSEMBLY WORLDWIDE MINISTRIES shall be centered on the incontrovertible belief we have and hold as to the divine and verbal inspiration, veracity, infallibility and completeness of the mind of God for men as revealed in the Holy Bible.

(1)  The Lordship of Jesus Christ as revealed in the whole of the scriptures.

(2)  The final authority of the Bible on matters of faith, conduct and


(3)  The atoning and redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross

       for the sins of all mankind, and the justification held forth to all men by

       His resurrection from the dead, obtainable through repentance towards

       God andfaith in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(4)  The indwelling, baptism in and the work of the Holy Spirit as the

       promise of the  Father to every believer in Christ, to enrich and equip

       the believer to bring forth the fruits of the Spirit in his character and

       daily living.

(5)  The one universal, invisible Church, being built by the Lord Jesus Christ

       and made up of people who, through all ages have, by individual

       repentance from sin and expression of faith in Christ Jesus, been

       redeemed by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and born into the body

       of Christ by the Holy Ghost.

(6)  The expectation of the imminent personal and physical return of the

       Lord Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(7)  The sovereignty of God in creation, redemption, revelation and final


(8)  The Godhead consists of three separate, distinct, and recognizable

       personalities and qualities, perfectly united in one.  The Father, the Son

       and the Holy Ghost – are different persons in the Godhead, not merely

       three names for one person.  Matt. 28:19, 20; 3:16,17; 2 Cor 13:14.

(9)  The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, The only begotten Son of God.  The

       crucifixion, death, burial and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

       Isa 7:14; Matt 1:18-25; 1 Cor 15:3-4; Acts 1:9-11.

(10)  The moral depravity of the human race through sin, since the fall in

         Eden, thus rendering them subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

         Rom 3:23; 5:12-17; Mk 7:21-23; John 3:3-8; Eph 2:1-3.

(11)  Repentance as godly sorrow for sin, with a total renunciation of sin. 

       It is a total turning away from all sin and its deceitful pleasures.  New

       birth comes through repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

       Prov 28:13; Isa 55:7; Ezek 18:21-23; Acts 2:38; 3:19; Mk 1:15; Heb 6:1-

       3; 2 Cor 7:10.

(12)  Justification as the act of God’s grace whereby one receives

        forgiveness and remission of sins and is counted righteous before God,

        through faith in the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, standing

        before God as though he had never sinned.  Gal 2:16; Ps 32:1,2; Isa 1:18;

        Mk 7:19; Eph 2:8,9; I Pet 1:23.

(13)  Water baptism is important to our obedience after reconciliation with

        God.  Water baptism is one immersion (not three) “in the name of the

        Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” as Jesus commanded.

        Matt28:19; 3:13-17; Mk 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; 19:1-6; Rom 6:4,5; Acts

        8:16; 10:48.

(14)  Restitution is making amends for wrong done against our neighbours or

        fellow men, restoring stolen things to their rightful owners, paying

        debts, giving back where one has defrauded, making confessions to

        those wrongly accused and apologizing to those slandered.  Eze 33:

        14-16; Matt 5:23-24; Ex 22:1-7; Act 23: 1-5; Prov 6:31; Lev 6:1-7;

        Num 5:6-8; 1 Sam 12:1-6; Lk 19:8-9.

(15)  Sanctification is the free gift of God.  This is a state by which the

         believer’s heart is purified and made holy.  It is obtained by faith in

         the sanctifying blood of Jesus Christ.  Holiness of life and purity of

         heart are central to Christian  living.  I Thess 4:3-8; I Pet 1:14-15;

         Lk 1:74; Tit 2:11-14; Heb 2:11; 10:14; 13:11, 12; 1 John 1:7.

(16)   The baptism of the Holy Ghost is the endowment of power from on

         high upon the believer.  When one receives this “gift of the Holy

         Ghost” it is accompanied by the initial evidence of speaking in an

         unknown language as the Holy Spirit gives utterance.  Matt 1:18; 3:11;

         Lk 13:16; 24:49; John 7:37-39; 15:26.  The gifts of the Spirit are for

         this day I Cor 12:13; 14:1-4.

(17)   The Lord’s Supper was instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ so that all

          believers might partake thereof to show the Lord’s death till He

          comes.  The emblems used are “unleavened bread” and the juice of the

          “fruit of the vine”.  Anyone who eats and drinks unworthily brings

           “damnation” and punishment and chastisement upon himself.  Matt

           26:26-29; Lk 22:17-20; I Cor 11:23-30.

(18)   Divine healing and continued good health are provided for all believers

         through the redemptive death of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ex 15:26;

         Deut 7:15; Ps 103:1-5; Matt 8:16-17; I Pet 2:24; Mk 16:15-18; Prov

         4:20-22; Lk 13:16; Gal 3:13-14; I John 3:8; Acts 10:38; James 5:14-15.

(19)   Personal evangelism as God’s approved ministry for every Christian.

         This is  preaching Christ to the sinners and leading them to Him. 

          Prov 11:30; Ps 126:5-6; Dan 12:3; Eze 3:17-21; Act 1:8; Matt 28:19-20;

         Mk 16:15; Lk 24:46-49; John 17:18.

 (20)   Marriage is binding for life.  Monogamy is the uniform teaching of the

          scripture.  Polygamy is contrary to God’s perfect will and institution. 

          The Bible forbids a believer marrying an unbeliever.  Also, under the

           New Testament dispensation, no one has a right to divorce and

           remarry while the first companion lives.  When a person becomes

           converted, necessary restitution  must be done quickly if he has

           married wrongly.  Gen 2:24; Jos 23:11-13; 2 Cor 6:14-18; Prov 31:10-

           31; Mal 2:14-15; Rom 7:2-3; Eph 5:31-33; Matt 5:31-32; 19:3-9;

           Gen 20:3-7; Mk 10:2-12; Lk16:18.

(21)   The rapture (first stage of the second coming of the Lord Jesus

          Christ), as the catching away from the earth of all living saints and all

          who died in the Lord. I Thess 4:16-17; Rev 20:1-3; John 14:1-3; Lk

          21:34; I Cor 15:15-58.

(22)   That the great tribulation will occur after the Rapture and will be a

          time of terrible suffering on earth. It is also referred to as the time

          of “Jacob’s trouble” – Matt 24:21, 22,29; Rev 9;16; Mk 13:19; 2 Thess

          2:3-12; Rev 13.  During this time, the Antichrist will take possession

          of this world for a reign of terror.  He will not be a system or

          organization but a person – a supernatural diabolical being, in the

          form of a man who will blaspheme and proclaim himself to be God (Dan

          8:23-25; 2 Thess 2:7-12; Rev 13:1-10).  Marriage supper of the lamb

          will take place above while the tribulation continues on earth –

          Rev 19:1-10.

(23)  The soul is immortal and will resurrect from the dead, some to honour

          and glory and others to everlasting shame and contempt.  Job 19:25-

          27; Dan 12:2; John 5:28-29; Ps 71:20; Isa 26:19; Heb 6:1-2; Phil 3:8-

          11; Rev 20:4-13;  I Thess 4:13-16.

(24)   The second coming of Christ will be just as personal and visible as His

          going away and He is coming to execute judgment upon the ungodly. 

          Matt 25:31-46; 26:46; 26:64; Mk 13:24-37; Jude 14-15; 2 Thess

          1:7- 10.

(25)   That Christ’s millennial reign is the One Thousand years reign of the

          Lord Jesus Christ on earth, which will be ushered in by the coming of

         Jesus Christ back to earth, with ten thousands of His saints.  At this

         time, He will judge the nations that dwell upon the face of the earth.

         Jude 14-15; 2 Thess 1:7-10.

(26)   During the millennium, the devil will be bound.  Rev 20:2-3.  It will be

          a reign of peace and blessing.  Isa 11:6-9; Hos 2:18; Zech 14:9-20.

(27)  The Great         White Throne judgment is when God will finally judge all

         (the living and the dead, small and great) who have ever lived on the

         face of the  earth, according to their works.  This is after the

          millennium.  At this time, the final judgment known as the great white

          throne Judgment will be held. John 3:17-27; John 5:24; Dan 12:2-3;

          Matt 10:15; 11:21-24; 12:41; Rom 2:15; 2 Pet 2:9; Jude 6; 1Cor 6:4;

          Rev 20:11-15.

(28)  Judgment seat of Christ “Bema ”.  This is when all believers will be

         judged on the basis of there works on earth for reward.  2 Cor 5:10

         Romans 14:10; Heb 10:17; I Cor 3:11-15; Matt 16:27; I Cor 15:22-23;

         Lk 14:14; I Cor 4:5; Rev 22:12.

 (29)  The new heaven and the new earth “wherein dwelleth righteousness”

           will be made by God and  the redeemed shall dwell therein with God

           forever.  This present earth which has been polluted by sin will pass

           away after the great white throne judgment. Ps 102:25,26; Isa 65:17;

           Matt 5:18; Isa 51:6; I Pet 3:10-13; Rev 21:1; Matt 24:35.  No unclean

           thing will be there.  We shall know one another, our knowledge having

           been perfected.  There will be no more curse upon anything.  There

           will be no more night, the glory of God and the Lamb will be the light

           thereof.  Isa 66:22; 2 Pet 3:12-13; I Cor 13:12; I John 3:2-3; Rev 23;


(30)  That hell-fire is a place of everlasting punishment where sinners (all

          who do not have their names in the book of life) will suffer in torment

          for ever and  ever.  It was prepared for the devil and his angels (Matt

          25:41), but God has decreed that the wicked and those who forget

          Him and reject Christ will also be cast therein because of their

          unbelief and neglect of His salvation.  Ps 9:17; Matt 25:46; Lk 12:4-5;

          16:19-31; Mk 5:22,30; 6:43-47; Rev 14:10-11; 20:10-15.

Let these truth be taught repeatedly in all our branches throughout the world to the Adults, Youth and Children with every God inspired revelation.