August 2019

Welcome to the month of August 2019, the 8th month of the year and the month popularly regarded as the month of New Beginning. This month, the Lord is sent to give you a new beginning. It doesn’t matter what your story has been, God will give you an uncommon transformation. It is an assurance by Him in Jeremiah 32:17: ‘Behold I am the Lord of all flesh, is there anything too hard for me?’ God is saying in effect: ‘Your prayers and supplications are heard, and I am set to do my wonders.’ From this month onwards, men will see you and marvel at the wonders of God in your life. Hallelujah

UNCOMMON – Is something not in the common place. Something rare, ‘not easily available. Something that is not of a daily or regular occurrence.

TRANSFORMATION – This is a compound word formed from the two words “Trans” and “Formation.” Trans means a movement or a change from one position or state to another. “Form” means to put together, to mould from something to something else. Something that had no shape or order now having a visible and verifiable shape and order.

Deriving from the above, Uncommon Transformation, in the spiritual sense, is God lifting you above and beyond your imagination. It is God exceedingly and abundantly more than you can think or ask (Ephesians 3:20). It is God doing an extraordinary miracle in your life that changes the course of events, terminates shame, reproach, backwardness, stagnation, poverty, pain, sickness, etc. and put laughter in your mouth. It is God setting a table before you in the presence of your enemies and they can do nothing but bow and many other God’s uncommon goodness of positive changes to your life.  R6

  1. EXAMPLES Several examples of uncommon transformation abound in the scripture, but for spaces let us limit ourselves to only two:
  2. JOSEPH Gen.37;39;40;41: A very good example of uncommon transformation in the scripture is Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob. As a result of his uncommon dreams, he was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery. In slavery, he served Potiphar so well that Potiphar committed his entire household and business into his hands. As a result of his refusal to have sexual relationship with his master’s wife, he was framed and he found himself in prison. Even in prison, his conduct was so excellent that the prison authorities committed the prisoners into his hands. He utilized every opportunity as a service to God and mankind, even when life seemed to be unkind to him. His good works located him and he was called to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. The grace of God upon his life which he had always put to use manifested beyond measure. He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, and immediately Pharaoh made him the Prime minister over all of Egypt: from prison to palace in a single day. What an Uncommon Transformation! God is set to do such in your life this month, in Jesus name.
  1. THE BLIND MAN John 9:1-41: Another striking example of Uncommon Transformation in the Bible is the story of the man born blind. Jesus spat on the ground and made clay out of his spittle and anointed the eyes of the blind man with clay. Jesus then instructed him to go and wash at the pool of Siloam. The man washed and came back seeing. Hallelujah! What an Uncommon Transformation! The neighbours were confused. All their life, they had known him blind, now he was seeing. Someone said ‘he is the one’, others said ‘he is like him’, but he said ‘I am he’. This is the order of Uncommon Transformation God will bring your way this month. Suddenly, God will visit you and neighbours and acquaintances will be dumbfounded in Jesus’ name.


Joseph’s brothers had concluded his story. They told Jacob their father that an animal tore him on the way and they brought his garment which they soaked in blood as evidence. Perhaps there is someone there who has already concluded your story that you will never fulfil your destiny or you have been struggling over the years and success looks like a retreating forest to you, God is saying that your struggles are over. Or are you one of those whose lives have been covered with shame and reproach, and your helpers have been turned against you? Have your dreams tuned to nightmares? The assurance of God this month is that He is set to undo the works of darkness in your life (1John 3:8). The light of God will shine in every dark area of your life, in Jesus name. The situation of the man born blind was so hopeless that the disciples asked Jesus: who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?

What is the story of your life your family line? Hopeless? What stigmas have people attached to you because of your situation? Does your problem seem perceptual and your pain incurable? Good news for you: Jesus Christ is passing your way this month with Uncommon Transformation, if only you will believe. “I will deliver you from the hands of the wicked, and I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible”. Jeremiah 15:21

  2. No hopeless situation: Humanly speaking, the examples shown above looked hopeless. But there is nothing too hard for God, Jeremiah 32:27 Mark 10:27 Mark 10:27
  3. God has not forgotten you: Have you suffered like Job? If God did not forget Job, Joseph, the blind man, etc. then He cannot forget you. Isaiah 49:15
  4. Wait on the Lord: Waiting may be a hard thing to do but not impossible for man. Job waited; Joseph waited. You live in a better time than them. You have a better covenant than them. You have the Holy Spirit dwelling in You have the fruits of the Spirit in you. Therefore, wait on the Lord. Your time of appointment is here. Rejoice. Job 14:14: Psalm 40:1-3. Isaiah 40:31 you
  5. Serve the Lord: Serve the Lord with all your might and with all your soul. Serve Him without reservation Luke 10:27. Serve Him when you feel like and serve Him when you don’t feel like. Serve Him in all situations and circumstances with all that is in you. Remember the only reason God liberated Israel from the bondage of Pharaoh and Egyptians was that they might serve Him. Deut 10:12; Deut 11:13-15
  6. Believe God, believe His Prophets: Believe the Lord and His servants He sends your way. 2 Chron. 20:20. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Don’t despise His Word for the Word of God is God. John 1:1,14. Don’t despise His servants. Recognize those He sends your way honour them, believe them and obey them.

Brethren, do you believe in this month’s promises of God for your life? If so, let the above divine instructions be your guide and be obedient to them for they are the highways to your Uncommon Transformation.